domingo, 14 de maio de 2017

Liverpool is willing to pay $ 104 million for Luan, newspaper says

Midfielder Luan of Grêmio can leave Rio Grande do Sul for European football. The 24-year-old athlete is interested in Liverpool, a team headed by German Jurgen Klopp, who would be willing to pay 26 million pounds (US $ 104 million) for the Brazilian, according to the Mirror newspaper.

The British say negotiations began about a year ago and that the contractual terms would be close to being sealed. Klopp, according to the newspaper, sees Luan as "new Ronaldinho" and believes that the player can play alongside other Brazilians who are in the club: Roberto Firmino, Lucas (also former Grêmio) and Philippe Coutinho.

The publication also recalls that the gremista was Olympic champion with the Brazilian team in 2016, winning the gold with victory over Germany in the decision. He began as a reserve, but gained space throughout the campaign, with good performances.

The fact that Luan only has one more year of contract with the Grêmio can help the English, since the tricolor club could choose to make box with the attacking midfielder, instead of running the risk of losing it for free at the end of the contract agreement. The value reported by the Mirror would make the business the biggest sale in the history of the gaucho team.

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